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Aug 25

Guess who ordered a kitten themed outfit?

Jul 29

I want to get some new cute outfits and post pics again or something. It’s been a while lol…

Mar 10

Feb 25
Forgot about this. Thanks random gifter! :3

Forgot about this. Thanks random gifter! :3

Dec 25

So I got bored, sorry for the crappy quality. Don’t worry, I’ll take some decent pics in the near future. Maybe in those, my gf can tie me up and fuck me properly for you all to see. ;P

Also, Merry Christmas and stuff.

Dec 22

Anonymous said: I would love to eat you out, such a damn naughty little girl.


Nov 14

Anonymous said: Your so adorable I couldn't cuddle you to death C:

Haha thanks.

Nov 11

Nov 9

Anonymous said: Where can I find your videos?

Various places haha. There’s one on xhamster and ashemaletube.

Also, I want to make more content, but at the moment I’m really busy with my job and school. It will happen though, at some point.

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